Puppy Jumpstart Course 

On track to a happy, confident, well mannered puppy, breezing trough all the challenges and helping you raise your future dream dog successfully from the start

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Puppy ABC's

Helping you tackle the most common puppy struggles such as:

- nipping, jumping, chewing -

- potty, sleep & crate training -

- how to be calm & learning manners -

- problem prevention & socialization -

 - nutrition, preparing for vet visits and more! -

Training Made Easy


Simple and easy to follow protocols that will help you set your puppy up for success!

- handouts -

- extensive video tutorials -

- detailed training exercises -

Stay on track by knowing exactly how to set your puppy up for success in any situation.


Your Future Dream Dog


Raising your puppy right will help prevent future problems and set your puppy up to grow into a happy, confident and healthy dog that fits your life style.

Prepare by having all the needed skills and tools to raise your future dream dog at your fingertips in this self paced course.



"I was a little worried at first when we got our puppy that it would be overwhelming between everything it takes to have a happy puppy and family. This course made it so easy! It answered pretty much every single questions that I had come up at any time and the instructions and videos made it so easy to follow for everybody. I'd recommend it to anybody who wants to be prepared and know how to raise a happy puppy with ease." 

Christina & Family with puppy Spike


Puppy Jumpstart Course

Helping you raise your future dream dog successfully from the start

Start at only $75 +GST
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