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The Fast Track To A Well Mannered Dog 

Stop Your Dog From Ignoring You & Running Your Life And Have A Calmer Dog That WANTS To Listen To You

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This is your Nr. 1 starting point and the most important foundational work of any kind (which often is missing in traditional group classes) to be successful long term in any future training you do with your dog, whether obedience training or advanced behavior modification. 

This course will help give you understanding and actionable steps to start making changes in your dogs behavior immediately and moving towards a more enjoyable life.

 Jam packed with video instruction and lecture, handouts and practical exercises to get you on the fast track to a well mannered dog. From teaching your dog how to settle and be more patient and calm, respect basic boundaries to learning to adjust to YOUR way of living.

‚ÄčAnd as a bonus you'll get our Loose Leash Walking Section

Behavior 101  

Everything you MUST know to effectively change your dog's behavior!

- Canine Wellness & Health -

- Relationship Building & Canine Communication -

- Problem Prevention -

- Teaching Manners & Teaching Settling -

- Prevent Door Bolting-

- Crate Training -

- Obedience Training Introduction -

- BONUS: Loose Leash Walking -

Training Made Easy

Simple and easy to follow steps and training exercises that will help you change your dogs mindset almost immediately!

- handouts -

- 6+ hours of extensive video tutorials -

- detailed training exercises -

Know exactly what to focus on and how to make changes to create a well mannered dog

Lasting Results

Most dog owners focus on obedience training when starting their training and don't end up with the desired results.

By learning to address the root of where changes need to happen to get lasting results and how to do it exactly, you will create a relationship with your dog where he WANTS to listen.

Gain the confidence, knowledge and skills you need to get results that last a life time!


Listen to Jen how training with K9 Possible changed her life

Canine Foundation Fast Start Course

A self paced online course to help you have a well mannered dog that WANTS to listen so you can enjoy life TOGETHER!

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